Onsite PC & Laptop Repairs

Laptop and computer repairs onsite at your home or business premises from £25

When Your PC & Laptop Stops, Hiccups or Misbehaves, Call the Expert Dr Jerry Get You up and running and Back Online fast

Call Jerry for a professsional and friendly Onsite Same Day Service 

7 Days a Week (8am til 9pm)


IT Maintenance & Support

Many software based repairs can be completed onsite. Hardware repairs or replacements may require workshop time.

For example, when operating systems need re-installing including all updates and data recovered and restored to new hardware.

Computers running slowly can be cause by viruses installed on the computer or laptop, but can alao be a sign of protential hard disk failure.


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Computer & Laptop from £99

Acer Aspire Desktop 1.5 GHz 4GB 1TB and 21.5 Inch Monitor and HP Printer Bundle New & Boxed Including Onsite Setup @ £399

Acer Aspire Desktop 1.8 GHz 4GB 1TB and 24 Inch Monitor and HP Printer Bundle New & Boxed Including Onsite Setup @ £449

Acer Aspire Desktop 1.5 GHz 8GB 1TB and 24 Inch Monitor New & Boxed Including Onsite Setup @ £499

Acer Chromebook Laptop Intel Pentium 14" acreen 2GB Memory 32GB Storage New & Boxed Including Onsite Setup @ £199

Acer Laptop 14" 4GB Memory 128Gb Storage Window 10 Office 2016 New & Boxed Including Onsite Setup @ £249

Used Laptops & Desktops

Dell Desktop + 19" Monitor @ £129

Dell Laptop 4GB 250GB win 10 @ £99

HP Server Xeon 8GB 2TB @ £299

Cash, Credit & Debt Cards

Credit Transfer Payments

About Dr Jerry

My name is Dr Jerry Vernon and I have over 30 years of full-time computer & laptop service engineer experience and knowledge

From the early days of Windows 3.1 (1992) to Windows 98 (1998), XP (2001), Vista (2004), Windows 7 (2009) and 8/8.1 (2012) to the new Windows 10 (2015), serviced and upgrades to laptops and desktop computer. 

Dr Jerry is DBS (formly CRB) checked and Certified updated January 2019 & HMRC Registered & Business Insured including public liability.


Dr Jerry Computer Engineer Birmingham UK

Call Jerry 0121 314 2522

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