During a Royal Naval career, computers the size of rooms controlled the ships propulsion, air conditioning, radar & Sonar and missile systems, but type writers were still the order for office tasks. As a Sonar operator I learn to use the early ship based multi-million pound computer systems

HMS Brazen

I started designing posters and fliers for student events and fixing other students computers and showing them how to use them.


While studying for a Masters at University of Warwick, my parents contributed towards the purchase of a Toshiba Laptop computer T1900 (£1,000) which again I still have, windows 3.1 using Microsoft Works and Pressworks. I completed my PhD in 2014 in Business & IT

My introduction to the world of personal computers came with the purchase of a Sinclaire ZX81 in 1981 (now in the wardrobe) which plugged into the portable TV and used a casette record to load and save data.


Windows 3.1 operating system was released in 1992, as I began studying at Ruskin College Oxford, using a tax rebate that year, I purchase a 386DX IBM compatible computer, with Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Works installed, black and white 12" screen and a dot matrix printer from Morgan Computers.

I have been teaching in business and IT for more than 30 years. Advised and managed home users and business client systems in a wide range of IT environments, from hardwired and wireless networking, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Network & Cloud Backup, Servers, Antivirus Solutions and Security.



My computer engineering skills have been professionally development of 30 years, from setting up and repairing personal computers and laptops. I have project managed and provided consultancy advice to a large number of organisations including specialist IT Suites in educational establishments to small and medium IT, CCTV & VOIP networks for businesses. I have also provided onsite IT Support and maintenance for national and international company's.

Dr Jerry Computer Engineer Birmingham UK

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